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By means of this message, we want to outline the measures taken by Deco Sign & Code, concerning the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).
With this message, we want to make clear that we will continue working as long as possible and DHL will come by every day to pick up the packages around 3.30 pm / 4 pm.

  • Visitors: To guarentee the safety of you and our employees, and to avoid contact, we will not welcome any visitors till the 5th of April. 
  • Received goods: We will not let any driver enter the building to guarentee safety of the drivers and our employees. The packages can be stored on the pallets outside. Furthermore, the driver can sign for our packages, with the code that is shown outside on the sign. This code will change every day.
If you have any further questions about this message, orders or other items? Please contact us by chat, phone or email.