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Since 2003, European regulations outline that website visitors should be informed about the use of cookies on a website. From 2009 onwards, European regulations outline that visitors should give their approval to the company if the company can save the cookies into their system.

At this moment, we will ask your approval for saving the contents of your shopping cart as a cookie or we will ask for approval for Multisafepay to save your preferred payment methods and personal data.

To save the contents of your shopping cart in a cookie, you have to explicitely grant permission for this by means of a small pop-up window. This has been the same for many years already, which means we comply with the cookie regulations.

The same process is used to save personal data during the payment process, again fully compliant with the cookie regulations.

During the process of ordering products in our webhop, the contents of the shopping cart are not saved in a cookie, but in a special browser function. This function would essentially comply with the european regulations from 2009, but due to the fact that the contents of the shopping cart are excluded from cookie regulations because this is an highly important part of the shop, our webshop is fully meeting all regulations.

Cookies or similar techniques that we use

Deco Sign & Code BV uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is saved in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone, during your first visit to a webshop. Deco Sign & Code BV uses cookies with a technical functionality. These cookies ensure that the website is fully operating and that the customer's preferred settings are saved. These cookies are also used to make sure that the website can be optimized. Furthermore, we will place cookies that will keep up with the shopping behaviour of a customer, to deliver custom made content and advertisements.

During the first visit of a customer in our webshop, we have informed you about these cookies and we have asked permission for placing those cookies into your browser. You can unsubscribe for certain cookies by making sure that your browser will not save these cookies anymore. Next to that, you can delete all previous saved information via the setting in your browser.

Type of cookie
Parties we work with


Functional cookies are used to make sure that the site is fully operational.

We plant these cookies ourselves

Web statistics

These cookies are used to optimize sell2shops.com by means of your visit.

Google Analytics:  Webanalytics

Tracking- of advertisement cookies (we will use this in the future)

By means of these cookies, we will gather information about users and visitors to make sure we can outline interesting advertisements for you.
Adwords (Google): Advertisements

Appendix in Dutch for additional information: https://veiliginternetten.nl/themes/situatie/cookies-wat-zijn-het-en-wat-doe-ik-ermee/

On this website, cookies are also placed by third parties. These third parties can be advertisers and/or social media companies. See the example below:

Cookie: Google Analytics
Name: _utma
Function: Analytical cookie that measures website visit
Storage time limit: 2 years]